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The Development Of Lithium Battery Industry Is To Capacity On The Hero
Shezhen Viwipow Electronics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 15, 2016

The development of lithium battery industry is to capacity on the hero 2016-12-15 16:45 source: China Economic Herald Zhang Zhaodeng I want to share [] comment submission subscription correction review: Recently, the Ministry issued the "automotive battery industry standard conditions (2017)" (Draft) caused an uproar in the industry. The draft production capacity as one of the main conditions for industry access, the provisions for lithium ion power battery monomer enterprises with annual production capacity from 200 million kwh to 8 billion kwh. OFweek lithium network recently, the Ministry issued a "automotive battery industry standard conditions (2017)" (Draft) aroused an uproar. For the draft the capacity as one of the main conditions for industry access, the provisions for lithium ion power battery monomer enterprises with annual production capacity from 200 million kwh to 8 billion kwh. This increased 40 times the capacity threshold, will make the most of the power lithium ion battery production enterprises has no "power lithium-ion battery industry. While remaining a handful of oligarchs, can sit industry of the world, the monopoly of power lithium ion battery technology, products and prices, is not conducive to the healthy development of the industry, more is not conducive to China's enterprises in the international market competition. Now China's open, more important is to open. The opening of the main is to oppose and restrain the monopoly, give full play to the leading role of the market in the allocation of resources, promote the rational flow of resources between industries, and optimize the allocation between regions and all for enterprises, promote competition and give full play to the role in the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee. Put forward the comprehensive deepening of reform, the goal is to let the market play a decisive role in the allocation of resources. Since 2014, in China The development of new energy vehicles in the background, the battery industry has been rapidly developed. The power lithium ion battery production enterprises have more than 150, of which 30 listed companies. These enterprises, lack of capacity is low but has great innovation ability of enterprises. However, once the "8 billion kwh" access threshold by publishing, most of these enterprises are "approval of death", only about 5 companies can be "approved" survival. According to the plan, by 2020, Chinese new energy vehicles annual sales will reach 5 million units. Such a huge market, only a handful of battery production enterprises, apparently very likely "indigestion", and then to create a new enterprise "big but not strong" phenomenon. In fact, the lack of market-oriented, insufficient competition environment, many large enterprises have integrated inefficient allocation of resources market dislocation, not sensitive Enough, lack of long-term strategic lack and so on. These problems lead to large enterprises, although the scale of assets, sales income is very high, but the lack of innovation ability, lack of global operation ability, by all sorts of criticism of public opinion. Has just been appointed Vice Minister of the Ministry of Xu Lejiang said, "China enterprise" big but not strong. "One of the reasons is the degree of market economy as a whole is not high enough. No matter what the nature of the enterprise, if sufficient competition not long at the height of the market environment, it is difficult to forge strong competitiveness." "the implementation of the annual production capacity of 8 billion kwh threshold, may lead to the emergence of monopolies, will not conducive to the overall development of the battery industry, is not conducive to the promotion of new energy automotive industry." in November 29th, a China chemical and physical power industry association's "car power" Pool industry standard conditions (2017) "draft seminar, many participants of the mainstream of domestic battery production enterprises representative said," if the enterprise through increased investment, "hard" is to reach 8 billion kwh capacity, it will cause the existing production line has been built to process a new level of being eliminated, huge waste lead to resources. "Insiders said that the automobile power battery industry standard, if the capacity of heroes," manslaughter "to" innovation oriented enterprises, technology is king ", a few enterprises will lead to monopoly power battery industry, hindering the benign development of battery industry. The State Department counselor researcher Yao Jingyuan said that industrial policy must not to intervene in the market, instead of the market, must not put the visible hand of the invisible hand (the market mechanism) to hold an industry standard. Taiwan, should promote a The development of the industry as a responsibility. The scientific and reasonable development of industry standards, through the market mechanism of "survival of the fittest" and innovative regulatory measures can not keep up with the pace of development of the industry to promote business transformation initiative, the battery industry's health, sustainable development, in order to achieve "bigger and stronger" goal is related to the introduction of the regulatory authorities should be the meaning of industry norms. Insiders hope that the automobile power battery industry norms, focusing on increasing the R & D ability and innovation ability.

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