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Nickel-zinc Battery Structure
Shezhen Viwipow Electronics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 10, 2016

Nickel positive electrode

The main active material of the nickel electrode is Ni (OH) 2. Currently used nickel electrode is mainly divided into sintered and non-sintered. Non-sintered positive sintered positive electrode, with high capacity, high activity characteristics, the general use of high porosity fiber nickel or foam nickel material as a stent, coating spherical nickel hydroxide that is nickel cathode.

Zinc anode

The main preparation methods of zinc anode paste method, electrodeposition, compression method, chemical method and sintering method. Zinc negative electrode can be made into two kinds of charge state and discharge state, mainly depends on the initial material is ZnO (charge state) or Zn (discharge state). In general, the Zn electrode in the discharge state is used in the primary battery, and the ZnO in the charged state is used in the secondary battery. However, because ZnO has semiconducting properties, the conductivity is poor. If the zinc anode material of the prepared nickel-zinc secondary battery is all ZnO, there will be high initial resistance, and the electrode must be activated by small current charge, reducing a certain proportion of ZnO Zn is formed, and the electric resistance of the zinc anode is reduced by the good conductivity of the metal zinc Zn, and the charging and discharging efficiency is improved, and the electrochemical performance of the electrode is improved. Therefore, in the nickel-zinc secondary battery, the active material of the zinc negative electrode is mainly ZnO (charged state) to add some metal Zn (discharge state) in order to reduce the initial charge of high resistance, but also add some corrosion inhibitor to improve Properties of Zinc Negative Electrode. Because ZnO in the alkaline electrolyte with a certain solubility of zinc anode will cause dendritic deformation and passivation and other adverse effects.

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