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How To Use NiMH Batteries
Shezhen Viwipow Electronics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 10, 2016

1. Under normal circumstances, the new Ni-MH battery contains only a small amount of electricity, we must first be charged after purchase and then use. But if the battery factory time is relatively short, power is full, it is recommended to use and then charge. Newly purchased nickel-metal hydride batteries generally go through 3-4 times the charge and use, performance can play to the best condition, many friends for the first time charging a small problem encountered, for example, after the first charge with no time to imagine so many. In the 3-4 charge and use the problem after all be solved.

2. Although the nickel-metal hydride battery memory effect is small, still recommend you try to charge after each use, and is a one-time full, do not charge for a while and then charge. This is the "longevity" important point Oh. When the battery is charging, pay attention to the heat dissipation around the charger. To avoid problems such as power loss, keep the contact points at both ends of the battery and the inside of the battery cover clean and dry with a soft, clean dry cloth if necessary.

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