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German Research And Development Of New Batteries, Electric Vehicles, A Charge Can Open 1000 Kilometers
Shezhen Viwipow Electronics Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 17, 2017

A German R & D team decided to completely conquer the so-called "mileage anxiety" of the electric car

Located in the German city of Dresden is the application of "Fraunhof Promotion Association" (Europe's largest science and technology R & D institutions), has launched a new lithium battery R & D system project, and researcher Voight (Mareike Wolter) served as the project manager, the objectives of the project, is a realization of electric vehicle charging mileage of 1000 kilometers.

Voight said, this project actually started three years ago, at that time, researchers Association and the German Thyssen Krupp system engineering company conducted a brainstorming, discuss how to improve the vehicle lithium battery density.

Their discussions focused on California Tesla motor company's main model Model S 100D., the car carrying capacity of 100 kwh batteries, a single charge can travel 540 km

The lithium battery volume large enough, a length of 4.88 meters, width of 1.8 meters, the thickness of 1.2 meters. The battery consists of more than 8 thousand lithium battery unit, each unit adopts a cylindrical lithium battery package, height of 6 cm to 7 cm, 2 cm in diameter.

Voight said: "if we continue to use the Tesla lithium battery space, but to improve energy density, and finally can continue to drive 1000 kilometers, it would be really wonderful.""

A means of increasing energy density is reported to be further optimized for materials used in batteries, and another means to redesign lithium-ion batteries

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