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Chemical Composition Of Ni - MH Battery
Shezhen Viwipow Electronics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 10, 2016

The "metal" part of a NiMH battery is actually a metal hydride.

Ni-MH battery used in the manufacture, they are mainly divided into two categories. B is nickel (Ni), cobalt (Co), manganese (Mn), (or) there are aluminum (or aluminum), titanium (Ti), B is the most common type of AB5, A is a mixture of rare earth elements (or) Al). While some of the high-capacity battery of "multi-component" of the electrode is mainly composed of AB2, where A is titanium (Ti) or vanadium (V), B is zirconium (Zr) or nickel (Ni) (Cr), cobalt (Co), iron (Fe) and / or manganese (Mn). All of these compounds play the same role: the reversible formation of metal hydrides. When the battery is charged, the hydrogen ions (H +) in the potassium hydroxide (KOH) electrolyte are released and absorbed by these compounds to avoid the formation of hydrogen (H2) to maintain the pressure and volume inside the cell. When the battery is discharged, these hydrogen ions will go back to the original place through the opposite process.

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