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Application Of NiMH Battery
Shezhen Viwipow Electronics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 10, 2016

Consumer electronics

Ni-MH battery is widely used in consumer electronics products.

Old-style nickel-metal hydride batteries because of the self-discharge of the reasons, will charge in a few months or even weeks lost power, can only be used in a short time the need for power purposes. Such as home appliances infrared remote control or a class of clock is not suitable.

Remote control toys

Some nickel-metal hydride batteries, which have a particularly large capacity, have a larger capacity, more output batteries and more power than nickel-cadmium batteries, so they replace nickel-cadmium batteries in electric remote-control toys, such as remote control cars.

Hybrid vehicles

High-power nickel-metal hydride batteries are also used in hybrid electric vehicles, the best example is the Toyota Prius, the car uses a special charge and discharge procedures, the battery charge and discharge life can be sufficient for ten years.

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