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What is the market for nickel hydrogen batteries? Look at the doorways in comparison with the lithium batteries

Shezhen Viwipow Electronics Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 15, 2017
Source: Bai DU

What is the market for nickel hydrogen batteries? Look at the doorways in comparison with the lithium batteries

November 14, 2016 source: exclusive finishing

The development of each industry are not the same thing, it is the pursuit of energy, and the need to use energy, there is something that is unavoidable, it is to use the battery energy, because the battery is the fundamental drivers of the world a lot of things to run, even space technology is no exception, in the last time the mid century, the development of space technology in the world more and more fast, so people have to pursue greater energy supply, improve the battery of course is necessary, so the NiMH battery appeared, the battery due to contrast in the performance of the relative comparative advantage, so a lot of people on the pursuit of this battery, and in to promote the development of world energy, NiMH batteries go better, at present in many high-tech fields, Ni MH battery has become the first choice, even the automobile industry also has many manufacturers started Use nickel metal hydride batteries to improve their market response


Nickel metal hydride battery

I. Introduction to Ni MH batteries


To produce Ni MH battery is the inevitable result of environmental consciousness and promote the development of electronic information industry, the development and application of the development and progress of it cannot do without space high nickel metal hydride battery. Battery has a very complex structure, including positive and negative plates, separator, gasket, metal shell, insulation cover. Plastic casing, electrolyte, anode and cathode barrel cover.

In addition, Ni MH battery as an alkaline battery, the anode is used in nickel electrode, and the cathode is the electrode electrolyte for hydroxide, potassium hydroxide aqueous solution. In Ni MH battery, nickel metal hydride battery cathode on Ni (OH) 2 will be converted into NiOOH, covering the electrode will be reduced to water molecules the hydrogen atoms in the anode, and the hydrogen atoms will be adsorbed on the electrode after reduction and formation of adsorbed MH, and spread to the internal electrode hydrogen storage alloy and is absorbed to form a solid MH.

When hydrogen atoms dissolved in hydrogen storage alloy increased, the hydrogen atoms will react with alloy, the formation of beta -MH in the alloy diffusion is slow, control of the charging process. In the NiMH battery discharge, NiOOH due to receive electronic and transformed into N (iOH) 2, the hydrogen atom MH the diffusion to the surface and the formation of hydrogen atom, and is adsorbed, and then which is generated by the electrochemical reaction of water molecules with hydrogen storage alloy.

Two, the emergence of nickel hydrogen batteries


With the development of space technology, people have become increasingly demanding on power.70 in the mid-1990s, the successful development of high power, light weight, long life, low cost battery, and in 1978 successfully the battery used in satellite navigation, compared with the same volume of nickel metal hydride batteries nickel cadmium batteries, the capacity can be doubled moreover, no pollution of cadmium brings.

The working voltage and the nickel cadmium battery it exactly the same, working life is also roughly the same, but it has a charge and discharge performance of Ni MH battery. In recent years, attention all over the world, all kinds of new technology emerge in an endless stream when it came out. NiMH batteries, to use high-pressure hydrogen storage container, then people used to metal hydride hydrogen storage, which made the low pressure even NiMH.1992 years, Japan's Sanyo Corporation monthly production of 2 million NiMH batteries. The development of the domestic existing more than and 20 units production of NiMH batteries.

Three, charging and discharging of Ni MH battery


1, discharge

The effect of self discharge NiMH battery is high, about 30[%] per month or more. Than the nickel cadmium battery 20[%] monthly self discharge rate is high. The battery charge is full, self discharge rate is higher; when the power is reduced to a certain level, self discharge rate will decrease slightly. The temperature at the storage battery have a great effect on the self discharge rate. Because of this, a long time is not the best battery is charged to 40[%]'s "half full" state.

In the process of using the battery must also be careful. For a few batteries connected in series (such as digital camera in 4 AA cell arrangement, usually) to avoid the battery is completely depleted of power, and then a "reverse charge" (Reverse charging). This will cause irreparable damage to the battery.

But usually these devices (such as the previously mentioned digital camera) can detect the discharge voltage of serial battery, when it drops to a certain extent, will automatically shut down to protect the battery. The single battery is not more dangerous, will only continue to discharge, until the voltage is 0 which does not cause damage to the battery, in fact periodically, will then end with telex release is conducive to maintaining the capacity and quality of the battery.

2, charging

The newly bought, or is not used for a long time the NiMH batteries required a "activated" time to reply the battery. Therefore, some new NiMH batteries need after several charge discharge cycles to achieve the nominal power of them.

Some manufacturers think that using some simple constant current (current and small) charger, whether or not the timer are safe for charging NiMH batteries, the current long time allowed for charging the C/10h (battery nominal power divided by 10 hours).


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