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Mobile phone lithium battery charging principle

Shezhen Viwipow Electronics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 06, 2016

Mobile phone rechargeable lithium batteries generally use the principle of current intelligent mobile phone is lithium ion battery. Lithium ion battery was originally produced in the last century in 70s, after 20 years of accumulated technology, SONY will take the lead in the technology commercialization. When other high-tech battery technology is still in the conceptual stage, the status of lithium ion battery in each product line in the it is the ruling class. Usually every day we will charge the mobile phone, but few people have studied the lithium battery charging method. Simple about science, lithium-ion battery charging process will be divided into four stages: the pre charge voltage, constant current charging, constant voltage charging and charge termination. Broadcast to charge micro-blog Tencent the lithium battery is the pressure limiting constant flow, the whole process control of the IC chip, it will first check the status of mobile phone battery charging voltage, if the voltage is lower than 3V will be pre charging, charging time To set the current 1/10. when voltage up to 3V after will enter into standard charging. Then to set the current constant current charging, the battery voltage up to 4.2V will be changed to constant voltage charging, while maintaining the charging voltage in 4.2V on the basis of the charging current will gradually decline until the current decline to set the charging current 1/10 charging end. Lithium battery charging process will be more than 2 hours. We can also estimate the remaining battery power by measuring voltage: 4.2V 100%; 3.95V 75%; 3.85v 50%; 3.73v 25%; 3.5V 5%; 2.75V - 0%. fast charge: change from "p=ui" so fast charging and how is it going? We all know that P (power) =u (voltage) I (current) of the basic formula. The charger voltage than the battery voltage high, fast charging is to charge In the process according to the battery voltage, power or temperature dynamic parameters in real time to adjust the input voltage to the charger, the output current, specifically divided into three ways. 1, improve voltage, constant current: this would produce a lot of heat, power consumption will increase, there is damage to the battery and mobile phone; enhance the current 2, constant voltage that: shunt in parallel circuit, each circuit bear the pressure decreases; 3, improve the voltage, improve the current: Although this is the fastest way to increase power, improve the charging speed, but the same as the first point, and increasing the voltage, current will generate more heat, thereby increasing the battery and equipment for own consumption; after several years of accumulated technology, currently on the market there have been some representative cases. Fast charging charging power of Qualcomm quick charge released in 2012 1 charge Qualcomm quick technology supports up to 10W, also It is said that in the 5V charge voltage current can reach 2A. and 13 years of release of quick charge 2 in 1 on the basis of the charging power is up to 36W, shorten the charging time. Quick charge 2 to a and B level two standards, applicable to a mobile phone, tablet and other electronic equipment. High official according to quick charge 2 class a standard maximum charge current is 3a, if in the case of 5V, the charging power is 15W, so the charging speed than the 10W charge 1 quick faster.


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