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Frequency-type charger

Shezhen Viwipow Electronics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 10, 2016

Charger through computer control technology,

1) the use of capacity balance principle intelligent to determine the battery sufficient;

1) under the premise of ensuring sufficient battery power,

2) high-brightness LED indicates the operating state of the charger;

3) Displaying battery voltage, power supply voltage, charging current, capacity, time and other parameters of information, fault code shows the fault content;

4) With open circuit, reverse fault protection and alarm function;

5) with overload, short circuit fault protection and alarm function;

6) with transformer over-temperature, over-temperature protection module and other alarm and alarm functions;

7) with automatic detection, delay start, soft-start function;

8) has a manual or automatic equalization charging function to ensure the consistency of the battery capacity of the single unit;

9) has a fully automatic initial charging function;

10) has a desulfurization charging function;

11) unplug the charging plug in the middle of the charging machine automatically shut down.

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