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Design and fabrication of lithium battery charger

Shezhen Viwipow Electronics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 12, 2016

Explain the following circuit principle. Because the author is to charge the lithium battery 16.5v, so the input voltage is 18V the voltage can be greater than 18v. for laptop charger is very good oh. The input voltage of the 18V by the 1.5A fuse, after the diode protection to the input PNP power tube. The power tube is the default state for the conduction state, because the 1 foot high output LM324, Q3 triode, PNP Power transistor base low power turn-on. The RL1 resistance of 1 ohms, is used to limit current. By sampling the voltage on the resistor, and then through the comparison of LM324 reference voltage after removal of a a voltage value, the voltage value control the output current of the power tube, always in a current limit, or is the short-circuit current, the setting is 500ma. you can adjust the adjustable resistor to regulate the short-circuit current. There is also a The sampling of the voltage of the battery, when the battery is not inserted, the final protection diode through the two resistor multiplied by the power output of the 17.5V voltage of a divided voltage value for LM324 compared with the reference output to the transistor, the green light, when the battery is charged when inserted into the charging seat, sampling resistance R6 R7, voltage sampling to become low, at the same time to LM324 comparing with reference voltage, the red light. When fully charged part of the sampling voltage is equal to the reference voltage, light brighten, when charging is completed. But the charging process will charge to charge a small current.

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