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Comparison of High Frequency Charger and Power Frequency Charger

Shezhen Viwipow Electronics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 10, 2016

1, high-frequency machine is reliable, the world's leading manufacturers in the selection of technology and future trends are based on the absolute direction of the main high-frequency, 30KVA and below the machine are mainly high-frequency machine, which with the high-frequency High dynamic load response speed, high energy density, small size, low noise, low price has a great relationship, especially the high frequency machine can be input to the active power factor correction, on behalf of the future trend of green power.

2, the reliability of the high-frequency machine questioned, most of the domestic small-name charger manufacturers. Their own competitiveness is limited, so the development of high-frequency machine in the process of the development level of the restrictions can not improve the performance of the fuselage, which can only be introduced in the late 80s Taiwan manufacturers based on the perfect frequency machine technology. Frequency machine to the development of high-frequency machine is very important point is the high-frequency switching control of the anti-interference problem.

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