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Charger normal operating conditions

Shezhen Viwipow Electronics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 10, 2016

(1) altitude of not more than 2000 meters;

(2) the surrounding medium temperature is not higher than +40 ℃ and not lower than -10 ℃;

(3) the relative humidity of air is not more than 85% (when the medium temperature is 20 ℃ ± 5 ℃);

(4) where there is no conductive dust;

(5) Environment without explosion hazard;

(6) does not contain metal and can corrosion of gas and steam insulation of the environment;

(7) where there is no rain and snow invasion;

(8) in the vertical plane tilt of not more than 5 degrees and no severe vibration and shock of the place.

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