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Charger maintenance method

Shezhen Viwipow Electronics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 10, 2016

1, waterproof. As electronic products, careless water or exposed to a long time when not in the humid air, will its internal electronic components caused by different degrees of corrosion or oxidation.

2, anti-shake shock. Mobile phone charger is a fragile component, the internal components can not stand beat. In particular, to prevent the use of accidentally landing. Do not throw, knock or shake the charger. Rough handling of the charger will damage the internal circuit board

3, anti-spicy chemical products. Do not use strong chemicals, cleaning agents or strong detergents to clean the charger. Clear the appearance of the charger can be stained with cotton a small amount of alcohol scrubbing.

4, when the static discharge. Clean the charger and charging interface regularly. When cleaning, use a damp cloth, or an antistatic cloth. Do not use dry cloth (electrostatic charge).

5, anti-cold and heat. Do not place the charger in an area where the temperature is too high. High temperature will shorten the life of electronic devices, destroy the charger, so that some plastic parts deformation or melting. Also do not store the charger in a cold place. When the charger in the cold environment, the internal temperature increases, the charger will form moisture, destroy the circuit board.

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