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2 Cells Battery Charger Apply To NIMH&Lithium Battery With LCD Indicator

2 Cells Battery Charger Apply To NIMH&Lithium Battery With LCD Indicator

1) VA type of black and blue high definition wide angle LCD screen, using microcomputer control technology, each channel are independent control. 2) Automatic identification of rechargeable Ni MH / Li battery and according to the current status of intelligent selection of trickle / constant current, constant voltage charging mode and negative voltage to fill the judgment . 3) A cylindrical lithium hydrogen or lithium ion battery can be charged quickly for a diameter below 26mm, a height of 34-65mm, a voltage of 3.7V or 3.8V, and a lithium polymer battery. 4)This charger uses Micro USB 5V socket input, With battery reverse connection protection, short circuit protection and The input voltage over-voltage protection alarm function 5)With VA LCD screen, the charging process is intuitive, and can be synchronized to display the battery changing time and to simulate the power, the exact amount of electricity, battery voltage, and at any time you can choose to switch 0.5A ,1A or 2A charging current.

Electrical specification


4.1 DC input Micro USB Input:4.8-5.3V   2A

4.2 USB output: 5V1A

 Use Micro USB output:                   

Li-ion              1*2A/1A/0.5A                   


Ni-MH             2*0.5A      


1.In the lithium battery being charged situation, the charger in the use of the default adapter input when the total current is 4A, the total current in the use of micro USB input is 2A.  When the charging current is switched by using the button, the display will automatically switch in the allowed range if the selected total charging current exceeds the default range

2.In Ni MH rechargeable lithium / NIMH charging mode or mixed mode, the current can not be switched automatically set to 0.5A.

3.When the charger for battery failure or anti loaded display "err" characters, please remove the battery in the characters disappear and then into the other battery. The charger switches between lithium and nickel hydrogen battery please remove the original battery and the slot display "NC" after a reload

4.USB and adapters cannot be inserted simultaneously, otherwise they may burn out of the local or external devices.


4.3 Charging display mode:

    1、Does not install the battery to the recharger , after the self check,display 0% and NC.

    2、The simulation indicates the marquee of rechargeable battery

    3LCD no change when the battery is loaded back or the input voltage is too high., The system does not work when the When the battery short circuit is shown Err.



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